City of Bigfork

City Council Regular Meeting May 11, 2010 6:00 p.m. City Council Chambers

Members Present: Mayor Roger Logdahl, Linda Koppelmann, Amy Pifher, Mike Stevens and Bob Zimmer

Members Absent: None

Also Present: Warren Welch, Dan Heinecke, Ann McGarry, Bill Hastings, City Attorney John Licke, Public Works Superintendent Chuck Almhjeld, Police Chief Jon Babcock and City Clerk/Treasurer Michael McKinney.

Closed Session for Water/Wastewater Assistant Performance Review

The City Council conducted its annual performance review of Water/Wastewater Assistant Joe Zimmer. The Council deemed the Water/Wastewater Assistantís performance as satisfactory for all points of review.

Closed Session for Discussion of Labor Negotiation Strategy

Call Meeting to Order

Logdahl called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Review of Open Meeting Law and Computer Use Policy

City Attorney Licke discussed the proposed updates to the Cityís computer use policy. He noted that the policy was also updated to include language stating that the City will not tolerate behavior that results in employee abuse of the computer use policy. He also noted that supervisors can monitor employee internet access.

Motion by Pifher, second by Koppelmann, to adopt the updated computer use policy as submitted, motion carried unanimously (MCU).

Licke also reviewed the open meeting law and noted that if a quorum of Council members communicate via e-mail that it may constitute an open meeting law violation.

Public Forum

As no individuals wished to address the Council, Logdahl closed the public forum at 7:16 p.m.


Logdahl asked that the agenda include an item regarding the proposed mutual aid agreement between Effie and Bigfork for contracted police services.

Motion by Koppelmann, second by Pifher, to approve the agenda as amended, MCU.

Consent Agenda

Motion by Koppelmann to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:

Item #1 approval of the minutes of the April 13, 2010 Regular and May 4, 2010 Special City Council meetings Item #2 approval of the Police Report for April 2010, including the following incidents: 1. Speed-Radar (1) 2. Barking Dog (1) 3. Dog at Large (2) 4. Mentally Disturbed/Male Adult (1) 5. Assault Juvenile Female (1) 6. Harassing Call (1) 7. Burglary Home Forced (3) 8. Theft from Building/Garage (2) 9. Trespass/Private (1) 10. Property Damage/Public (2) 11. Drunk Male Adult (1) 12. Disorderly Conduct Misdemeanor (3) 13. Gas Theft (2) 14. Littering/Garbage Complaints (1) 15. Lockouts (1) 16. Property Check (2) 17. Public Assist (1) 18. Handgun Permit to Acquire Check (2) Item #3 approval of the City Clerkís Office Report for April 2010 Item #4 approval of the Financial Report for April 2010 Item #5 approval of the Public Works Department Report for April 2010 Item #6 approval of Timecards for April 2010 Item #7 approval of the performance review for the Casual Maintenance Laborer position Item #8 approval of Claims Paid in the amount of $12,652.08 including the April 15th and 30th net payrolls and approval of Claims for Payment in the amount of $30,668.20.

Motion seconded by Pifher, MCU.

Effie Mutual Aid Agreement for Police Services

City Attorney Licke noted that this mutual aid agreement is based upon a standard template provided by the League of Minnesota Cities. Effie City Councilperson Bill Hastings added that Effie would likely need 10 hours from the Police Chief in the first month and 5 hours a month thereafter. Hastings also added that Effie would require these services primarily for code and speed enforcement. The Council discussed setting the hourly reimbursement rate at a minimum of $25.00 per hour as well as establishing a quarterly review of the contract with the Effie City Council to provide some level of feedback regarding how well the arrangement is working for both parties. City Attorney Licke agreed to make these changes and would resubmit the mutual aid agreement to the Effie and Bigfork City Councils for their review.

No formal action was taken on this agenda item.

Engineering Updates

In the absence of City Engineer Mathew Pellinen from the meeting, Logdahl read his memo to the Council.

Liaisonís Reports

Parks and Recreation Liaison Amy Pifher provided her report to the Council. She noted that one of the poles on the gazebo at the canoe landing is coming up from the ground and needs repair.

Cemetery Liaison Mike Stevens provided his report to the Council.

Public Works Superintendent Almhjeld noted that the graveled area at the entrance to the Presbyterian Church parking lot continues to sink, which is why it has not been patched.

Unfinished Business

Resolution 2010-09 Approving City Council Appointment

Motion by Pifher, second by Koppelmann, to approve Resolution 2010-09 and appoint Dan Heinecke to the vacant City Council seat, MCU.

Resolution 2010-10 Approving Acting Mayor Appointment

Motion by Logdahl, second by Pifher, to approve Resolution 2010-10 and appoint Dan Heinecke to the position of Acting Mayor, MCU.

Adding Members to the Planning & Zoning Commission

Motion by Koppelmann, second by Pifher, to appoint Dan Heinecke and Howard McKinney to the Planning & Zoning Commission, MCU.

Police Department Review of City Ordinances

Police Chief Babcock reported that he found discrepancies and other issues in the Bigfork Code of Ordinances regarding the enforcement of local ordinances, including the storage of garbage, the operation of ATVís, exhibition driving and allowing animals to be at large. He also felt that he should be able to charge offenders with a petty misdemeanor rather than a misdemeanor.

Motion by Koppelmann, second by Pifher, to approve the changes to the Bigfork Code of Ordinances recommended by the Police Chief, MCU.

New Business

Airport Lawnmowing Proposal

Pifher noted that it would be a good idea to table this item for now as other parties are submitting quotes for this work.

No formal action was taken on this agenda item.

Resolution 2010-11 Approving Premises Permit for Bingo

City Clerk/Treasurer McKinney noted that the Fire Department would like to hold a bingo event during the Bigfork Wilderness Days.

Motion by Pifher, second by Stevens, to approve Resolution 2010-11 as submitted, MCU.

Graveling of City Streets

Logdahl noted that it would be a good idea to solicit bids for this work to reduce costs as much as possible.

No formal action was taken on this agenda item.

Other Business


Motion by Pifher, second by Koppelmann, to adjourn, MCU.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m. The next regularly held City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.

Michael McKinney City Clerk/Treasurer