DRAFT – These minutes are not official until approved at the next regular Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.

City of Bigfork

Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting May 5, 2009

Members Present: Gus David (in at 6:09 p.m.), Roger Logdahl, Amy Tendrup, Ann McGarry and Lonnie Kacon Members Absent: none Also Present: none

Vice Chairman Lonnie Kacon called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Motion to approve the February 3, 2009 minutes by McGarry, seconded by Tendrup, motion carried unanimously (MCU).

Bigfork River Bank Stabilization and Enhancement Plan: Itasca County Commissioner Catherine McLynn has forwarded information regarding river bank stabilization on County-owned property within the City limits. Erosion issues have been identified and the County has received a proposal to fix the problems. No action was necessary on this item.


David asked about the airport project and was informed that the City is on track to have the extension and reconstruction of the runway done this summer. Logdahl reported that Keith Crosby and City Attorney John Licke have been working together on a lease agreement for Crosby’s proposed hangars.

Logdahl stated that he had been looking at the City map and asked what the reason was for the irregular areas that were not in City limits. McGarry explained that the Logger’s property had been annexed out years ago for liquor licensing reasons. Logdahl expressed interest in pursuing the annexation of this and other properties. Kacon and Tendrup stated that the Planning & Zoning Commission had discussed this some time ago. It was met with much resistance from Bigfork Township and so was not pursued. The Commission was in agreement that increasing the tax base was key to ensuring the survival of the City. Storlie was directed to check the past minutes to see what was discussed and to talk with Licke about the cost and timeframe for completing annexation.

The Planning Commission meeting was adjourned at 6:49 p.m. The next regular meeting is scheduled for June 2, 2009.

Angela L. Storlie City Clerk/Treasurer