City of Bigfork

Planning and Zoning Commission Regular Meeting February 2, 2010 6:00 p.m. City Council Chambers

Members Present: Gus David, Lonnie Kacon, Mayor Roger Logdahl, Ann McGarry and Richard Salmi

Members Absent: Amy Tendrup

Also Present: City Clerk/Treasurer Michael McKinney

David called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Approval of the November 3, 2009 Regular Planning & Zoning Commission and the November 17, 2009 Special Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes

Motion by McGarry, second by Kacon, to approve the November 3, 2009 Regular Planning & Zoning Commission and the November 17, 2009 Special Planning & Zoning Commission minutes, motion carried unanimously (MCU).

Fee Collected from New Water and Sewer Service Customers

City Clerk/Treasurer McKinney described the current fee collected from new water and sewer service customers. Logdahl noted that the fee was much lower in other communities.

Kacon asked if people leaving for the winter were charged for having their water shut off. City Clerk/Treasurer McKinney noted that there is no fee for that service when someone leaves for an extended period of time.

Salmi felt that it was important to have as many people connected to the water and sewer system as possible.

Kacon asked if the City had any type of payment plan for customers that could not keep up with their bills on a monthly basis. Logdahl stated that the City does not have any system of payment plans for delinquent customers.

David asked about the City’s status in collecting delinquent water and sewer fees. City Clerk/Treasurer McKinney noted that the most delinquent accounts were assessed in December.

Motion by Kacon, second by Salmi, to reduce the connection fee collected from new water and sewer service customers from $85.00 to $25.00 and to credit $60.00 back to the accounts of any individual charged $85.00 for this service in 2009, MCU.

Review of Five-Year Project List

The Planning & Zoning Commission discussed and established a list for proposed projects and capital purchases over the next five years. Below is the list established by the Planning & Zoning Commission:

Year Description Item Name 2010 2010 Airport AVGAS Facility 2010 Airport Jet Fuel Facility 2010 Airport Taxiway, Apron and Entrance Road Reconstruction 2010 Water Well Supply, Tower Rehabilitation, Treatment Plant and Distribution Lines 2010-11 Water/Sewer 3rd Avenue water and sewer extension 2011 2011 City Hall Remodel, Restoration, Energy Conservation and Heating Plant 2011 Streets Regrading, curb and gutter and storm sewer for alley behind City Hall between Ash Street and Cenex 2011 Streets Ash Street rehabilitation (9-ton road and utilities) 2011 Sewer Retrofit or replace Rajala Mill Road lift station 2011 Acquisition Replace or acquire additional dump/plow truck 2011 Acquisition Acquire new lawnmower for use in City 2011 Airport Acquire new plow 2011 Streets Replace culverts or install bridge on East Ottum Avenue over Coon Creek 2011 Expansion Annex 100 Highway 38 South property 2011 Airport Acquire new lawnmower 2011 Airport A/D Building construction 2012 2012 Cemetery Expansion and landscaping of cleared land 2012 Sewer Relocation of sanitary sewers on East Ottum Avenue 2012 Streets Lay asphalt to last hydrant on East Ottum Avenue 2012 Airport Hangar site prep and construction 2013 2013 Streets Golf Course Road utility expansion and road rehabilitation 2013 Water Acquire "Creamery" well site 2014 2014 Expansion General Annexation of Properties 2014 Streets South Rajala Mill Road rehabilitation (utilities and acidic soil mitigation) 2014 Sewer Wastewater Pond improvements (dredge, relocate, new road and new pond) 2014 Sewer Wastewater treatment plant

No formal action was taken on this agenda item.

Bigfork Comprehensive Plan Update

City Clerk/Treasurer McKinney provided an update to the Commission on action taken by the City Council on the Bigfork Comprehensive Plan. Logdahl noted that Blandin planned to contribute $6,000.00 to the planning process. City Clerk/Treasurer McKinney noted that in their proposal, the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (ARDC) proposed to finish the plan in six months. Logdahl added that ARDC could rush some components of the comprehensive plan to allow for updates to the water improvement project before it begins.

Salmi asked if airport authority is included within the comprehensive plan. McGarry noted that the plan will include sections for transportation and governmental cooperation. Logdahl stressed that it is important for the City to establish a vision and goals for the future. Logdahl also noted that it is important to generate interest in the airport amongst local communities. Salmi added that the airport was critical to the local economy.

No formal action was taken on this agenda item.

Other Business

The Planning & Zoning Commission meeting was adjourned by David at 7:20 p.m. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 6 p.m.

Michael McKinney City Clerk/Treasurer