DRAFT These minutes are not official until approved at the next regular Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.

City of Bigfork

Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting November 8, 2007

Members Present: Amy Tendrup, Ann McGarry, Lonnie Kacon, Gus David, and Richard Salmi

Members Absent: none

Also Present: none

Chairman Gus David called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Motion by Tendrup, seconded by McGarry to approve the minutes of the October 2, 2007 meeting, motion carried unanimously (MCU).

Mobile Home Park Zoning: Storlie reported that she is waiting to talk with City Attorney Andy Shaw on this issue before preparing any draft ordinances for the Commission to review. The condition of the park continues to be a concern to citizens and the Council. Storlie was directed to send a letter to the owners of the park informing them of the concerns and the City's intent to adopted regulations pertaining to the park.

Annexation: As directed at the last meeting, Kacon had talked with the owner of Logger's Inn to discuss whether or not they would be interested in initiating annexation proceedings. After some research, it was clear that there would be no financial benefit to Logger's in being annexed and so they were not likely to initiate it. It was the consensus of the Commission that the City did not have the financial means at this time to undertake initiation of annexation proceedings. The issue will be dropped for the time being. Tendrup felt that the City needed a comprehensive plan in place before any annexation could be considered.

Darlene Westerman: Westerman of the Bigfork Wilderness Bar addressed the Commission regarding a gambling license for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to conduct lawful gambling on the premises. She explained that she is looking to go in a different direction with the gambling and provide opportunities for games such as bingo, mega bingo and others. The Lion's Club is currently handling pull tabs for her but does not have the funds to support the other gaming options. They would continue to contribute a small part of the gambling activity for the Wilderness Bar while the MS Society took over the rest. The MS Society would contribute ten percent of the proceeds to the City. Storlie reported that she has already received the application from the MS Society and is working with Minnesota Gambling Enforcement on the permitting process. Westerman reported that the Wilderness Bar already boasts a diverse clientele and she is hoping that offering some new gaming opportunities will bring in even more people which would also help other businesses in the community. The Commission was in agreement that this sounded like a good thing for the community and that the City Council should consider the issue at their November 13, 2007 meeting.

Reconsideration of Hall Use Fees: The City received a letter from the TOPS group asking that they reconsider the new Hall use fees that were set by the Council. The proposed fee increase for the TOPS group was from $50 per year to $100 per year. Motion by Tendrup to recommend that the City Council set the annual use fee for the TOPS group at $65 per year, seconded by Kacon, MCU.

Zoning Issues: Storlie reviewed the pending zoning permit applications/issues. She reported that Kevin Gross has stated he has a plan to deal with the deteriorating sign on his Splitting Mall building. Donella Strohmayer of Busy Bee Pet Grooming still has not fully completed the application process for her original sign at the prior location and has since moved that sign and installed others at the new location. Another letter will be sent to Strohmayer explaining that a permit is needed for each sign and giving a deadline for completion of the application process.

Tendrup reported that a driveway has been constructed on property located north of CSAH 14 and east of Co Rd 236 and some staking has been done. Storlie was directed to send a letter to the property owner informing them that a permit is needed for installation of driveways and also for any construction that may be planned.


There was discussion on the Condor Apartment's need for an elevator. It was determined that a letter should be sent to the owners informing them that the Itasca County Housing and Redevelopment Authority may be able to assist them financially with this issue.

Salmi reported that there has been much interest in the airport lately and discussed the 80% grant available for hangar construction. The rest of the Commission did not feel the City would be able to come up with the other 20% at this time and would like to see hangar lots leased out so that people could build their own hangars. Salmi asked how the Commission felt about allowing the Experimental Aviation Association to place a meeting facility at the airport. Tendrup reviewed that the Council had already given permission for this contingent upon Salmi and Kacon checking into any applicable rules and regulations. The rest of the Commission did not have a problem with this.

The Planning Commission meeting was adjourned at 7:16 p.m.

Angie Storlie

City Clerk/Treasurer